Consulting engineers for audio, video and event technology

Confidence and competence from the very beginning

Being engineers for media technology with a specialized knowledge, we implement technical planning for the entire field of audio/visual technology as well as lighting and stage technology.

Together with our clients we develop a job profile and all the needed fundamentals.

With the help of the latest technology we draw up blueprints, if requested in 3D, so that you know exactly what your media solution looks like. 

Thus we achieve a cost surenes for the projects and our clients know for sure that their funds have been invested in a expedient technology.

Technical competence

Video projections in front and rear technology, video walls, LED projection screens, video transmission, videoconferencing technology, video projection technology in quality and applicability.

Client-specific sound technologies for halls, conference rooms, schools, out-door events, etc.
Meine Mediatec mentions their clients about the use of innovative systems like, for instance, digital audio networks, spot lights or wireless microphone transmission paths. As the need arises acoustic simulations are used.

Our experience and product-knowledge helps you to an optimized understandability and microphone feedback safety, already in the design phase of your sound solution. 

We integrate the lighting plannings for our clients´ objects into the master plan, we ensure the best possible illumination, modern spotlight technology and dimming technology.
The mutual influencing of lighting, sound and video technologies are taken into consideration and, with the help of appropriate measures, reduced to a minimum at an early stage of planning.

Stage technology and aluminium truss constructions
We plan a flexible stage base, which meets all our clients' requirements, and an upper stage machinery of the conventional stage technology for the area of your event.
If multiple usable aluminium trussing is supposed to be used, we dimension according to the static, spacial and aesthetic demands.